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About Like-Minded Living

So, what do you do?

Good question. We offer a property finding service to our renters, by using our technology to search across the market and help them find properties that meet their requirements. If we are in touch with you, this usually means one of our renters have indicated to us they would like to rent your property.

How do you work?

We’ll be in touch to arrange a viewing, if our renters are happy and like your property, we’ll provide you with their contact details and kick-start your offer process. A member of our team will usually be present at the viewing and on hand to help with any querie you may have.

Are we a subletting company?

No we are not. We deliver a consultancy based service for renters, providing advice on where and who to live with.

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Check out our process for estate agents and landlords

Swipe through our 5 easy steps to get more information on how we work.

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Fill in our Landlord/Estate Agent Sign up form below. A member of our team will be in touch to confirm your details and discuss the letting of your property.


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Is there a split commission?

No, we are wholly retained by our clients and there will be no charge to your agency

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How do you make your money?

If we are able to successfully find our renters their ideal property, we charge them a percentage of the final rent value once all the contracts are signed. This is a separate charge to the rent for providing our property finding service.

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Are we on the tenancy agreement?

No, If our renters successfully place an offer and a tenancy agreement is granted, the contract formed shall be between yourselves and them

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About our clients

Who are our tenants?

We work with professionals that come from varying backgrounds, usually aged in their 20s to early 30s, looking to stay for a minimum of 12 months.

How do they Find us?

We market our services on many fronts, from social media through to popular property listing sites. We’re also fairly active in the media having been published in articles on Forbes and Prolific London. These efforts have meant we’ve gained a reputation for being the go-to people for finding a property in London.

What type of properties do you deal with?

Given that we operate in the flat-sharing market, we typically look for properties ranging between 2 and 5 bedrooms.


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Holding Deposit

We collect a holding deposit from our renters when they indicate to us they would like to place an offer on your property. This holding deposit is then transferred to you once their offer has been formally accepted.

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Move-in monies

We notify our renters to follow your terms and conditions when it comes to the payment schedule of moving into your property. We will assist in ensuring the move-in monies are paid.

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The rent shall be paid as dictated in the tenancy agreement signed by our renters and yourselves, this is usually in the form of a monthly rental payment.

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Hear what other landlords and agents have to say

Below are reviews from private landlords and estate agents, suppliers we love to work with!

"Like Minded Living are worth trying out even if you have had reasonable success with other agents. It started with an appraisal and ever since then I have not looked back. In fact I have increased my portfolio with them. Would recommend Like Minded Living to everyone whether you are a Tenant or a Landlord."


"We have been dealing with Like-Minded Living for over 2 years and during this time we’ve had a very good relationship with Denzel and his team. We would definitely deal with Like-Minded Living moving forward and would recommend the company to any of our Landlords."


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