Anyone who has ever wanted to rent a property in London will know that there are a huge number of barriers in the way. Properties are often very expensive, they can be located in areas that are far from being central and it can be hit and miss as to whether you get a good landlord. It can be very easy to wonder if London is for you at all. But… what if you could find a property that you can trust and one you can afford? Read on to find out how.

You normally have the choice between a privately rented property or one that is offered through an agency. There are lots of reasons why private may not be the way to go.

Rogue landlords

While you would be very unlucky to come across one, so-called rogue landlords have become a problem in London over the last few years. In fact, the Mayor of London and the London Assembly have set up a Rogue Landlord checker so that potential tenants can check and make sure their landlord is on the level. Rogue landlords either offer properties that do not actually exist, that do not meet minimum standards or they fail to carry out essential administration such as placing deposits in holding schemes. All of this means that you as a tenant can be out of pocket.

Lazy landlords

Private landlords are regulated by the same rules as agencies, however, they tend not to be as good at keeping up with what they should be doing. While they mean well, you may find that they forget to do essential work such as yearly gas-safe checks, fire alarm fittings, and property inspections. They might be hard to locate when you have a problem, leaving you with no recourse should you have an issue that needs resolving quickly.

Expensive landlords

Private renting can often be more expensive than an agency. This is because a private landlord may be willing to overlook poor credit or an unstable income. But they will charge more rent to be more accommodating to a checkered financial history. It is always better to be financially prepared before you decide to rent – it could actually save you money.

Why flat-sharing makes good sense

So, we have established that a private landlord might be a problem. Is flat sharing the answer? We think so. Not only do you get a property that is fully managed and looked after by a professional company – you get a home that is cheaper than average and with the bonus of instant friends! You can trust that your shared flat rented through a reputable agency like ours, will meet all of the required legislation and will be a simple and trouble-free transaction. When you are moving to a new city, that kind of peace of mind is hard to buy.