Moving into a new house or flat-sharing property is fraught with issues. First, you need to find a place you can afford in an area that you like and then you need to find housemates that you actually get on with. The chances of finding all of the things you need are slim and usually you’ll need to compromise on something. Here at Like Minded Living we don’t believe in compromises when it comes to flat-sharing. After all, this is the place that you will come home to each evening after a long day at work or school to relax. So, we thought hard about it and have put in place a number of ways to match up our flat-sharers to ensure your home is harmonious. It can’t be perfect, but we think our process of working out the best combinations of people are pretty good.  

It starts with the location

We have properties in a number of London locations and of course, this is the first criteria you will have in common with your flat-sharers. Everyone living in your home will have chosen the location because they work or study nearby – but also because it suits their lifestyle. In this way, you are all already alike.  

Age counts

We do our very best to match our flat share’s by age. This means that you are unlikely to be living with someone much older or younger than you. The majority of our tenants are millennials with the same interests – so this part is easy for us! As you are all the same age, you can socialise together too.  

Cultures are important too

We get that it can make you feel more at home if there is someone in your home who shares your culture or language. This can mean that you have someone to show you around who already knows what it is like to live in a new area.  

It’s what you do

We also do our best to match  flat sharers who do similar jobs or who are studying. By keeping workers and students separate we avoid the issues of those who stay up all night, disturbing those who have to go to bed and get up early. We all know that the life of a student is quite different to that of a worker. So we try to take this into account.  

The Like Minded community

Our flat-sharers also socialise with other Like-Minded tenants across London. Being a part of the community forum means that you can find people who are new to London and who will probably have shared interests. Its a great way to settle in and to find friends, so get in touch to find out how our process can help you.