The following might be kinda depressing so shut your ears if you are easily triggered…  According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) around 31% of graduates are overeducated for the job they are currently doing. In London in particular, 25% of graduates can expect to do a job they are overqualified for. If your degree is in the arts or humanities, this statistic rises even more.  The fact is that the very expensive degree you have just worked incredibly hard for may not have set you up for your dream London graduate job. You are going to have to be tenacious to land the job you deserve and in London that is both more possible than elsewhere and possibly, much more lucrative in the long term.   We have a 4-point plan for you to land a graduate role and be able to make the most of living in the best city in the world.  University resources  The plan begins before you leave your University. Talk to careers advisors about your CV, where you should be applying and ask them for the right advice to get a head start. If you start applying before your peers, you already have an advantage.  Graduate schemes  One of the first things your careers advisor is going to suggest is that you look for graduate schemes with companies you are interested in. This is great advice – but you can go further. Graduate schemes with companies you may not have thought of might be worthwhile too. For example an English Lit graduate may not have thought about a scheme with an accountancy firm. But they are looking for people with a depth and range of skills for a huge range of departments. Your skills may crossover in ways you haven’t thought about.  Job fairs/Job boards  In the run up to your graduation there will be a plethora of job fairs you can attend. These are great ways to meet potential employers and to give a good first impression. Focus on those held in London as these will attract local companies. Attend armed with copies of your CV and pay attention to your appearance. You can also use simple job boards and recruitment agencies to register your interest in graduate jobs. There are some that are dedicated to this area.  Temping/Internships/Work experience  If you haven’t managed to land your dream job just yet, it is time to take a few risks. If you are willing to work for a low (or no) initial salary or as a temp, you can get your foot in the door. You need the financial backing to help with this, but internships and temping roles can look great on your CV.  The key to gaining a graduate role in London is to never give up. Even if you are working in a coffee shop for now, that perfect job is waiting for you.